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About B's latest project

As you may note, I've spent some time pimping brightlyiburn's writing, of late. Well, she's set up a separate account for her writing experiment: aerodaydreams 

She's putting her stories up on there as she writes them, pretty much. And well, she writes awesome stuff. It belongs on your friend list, let me tell ya! :-)

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I would at this time like to inform you all that I'm about to leave for the airport to pick up brightlyiburn . And this time, she doesn't have a return ticket - she'll be right where she should be.
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Still the Prettiest

Ho-ONEY! I'm hooome!

I just spent three great weeks in Rhode Island with brightlyiburn, including Christmas. And boy, what a Christmas it was. You wouldn't think that a Jewish family could so effortlessly out-celebrate most Christians at their own holiday. ;-) Right now I'm feeling tired, but overall happy - the next time I see her, it's because she's moved, and we're together for keeps. It'll be another two months or so, but we've dealt with worse, before. And we'll be busy, getting everything sorted out for her.

The main point of the post, however, was to brag about the loot I hauled away from the Christmas tree. :-) B's family are big gift-givers, and even with money being tight, there were good, well thought out gifts under (and around - they didn't all fit...) the tree. I won't mention every stocking stuffer, since then I'd be here typing away all night, but they were all pretty cool. Small, generally useful gifts, and, well, some of the dark chocolate I like.

The main event, though, was the presents under the tree. And, well, around it. A few highlights:

I got a number of novels that I've been wanting, including the third Codex Alera book by Jim Butcher, Cursor's Fury. Having read the second by now (see my birthday loot post) I'm a little wary of where Butcher's going with these - but they're still so very enjoyable to read. As well, a couple of books based on the Exalted RPG (mmm, guilty pleasures...) and, well, a bit of a joke gift: The novel Star Strike by Ian Douglas. I barely knew the book existed, but it's doubly funny: Star Strike is the name of my main City of Heroes character, and it's book one of The Inheritance Trilogy. (See, last I heard, that involved dragons, not space marines. ;-) Although space marines on dragons...)

I also got a number of DVDs. A rather high number, in fact, since one of the main presents for me was a huge 24-disk boxed set depicting the history of American aviation from biplanes to F-22s. As well, a set of documentaries about WWII ship wreck exploration, and a really well done DVD about prehistoric sea monsters. On the movie front, I got Wall-E, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and Iron Man, which I haven't watched yet.

Another 'theme' was toys. I got a Geomag set (B must have heard me sighing wistfully at my brother's collection...) and, well, something called 'Neo-Shifters'. These are Lego-like warrior robot thingies, which apparently have some sort of wireless interaction ability. I should have some fun with them. :-)

One present that impressed me a great deal was from B's cousin Larry. I've spoken to him a few times, and really enjoyed his company, but overall, you can hardly say that he and I know each other... And he gets me a chocolate palette, from Trader Joe's. We're talking eight bars of high-quality fine single-plantation dark chocolate. It's like he read my innermost mind. A little frightening, really... But all kinds of awesome. The ones I've tasted from it by now have been uniformly good, but widely varied in ther taste impressions, otherwise, which is just awesome. Nope, chocolate ain't 'just chocolate'. ;-)

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Still the Prettiest

It's my birthday...

So, now I'm 31. Doesn't feel different from 30. But I suspect there's maybe a gray hair in that big mop I carry around. Possibly a wrinkle extra. :-)

It's bragging time. My fiancée, the lovely brightlyiburn and her family sent me some presents, which are pretty damn awesome.

From B's sister, I got Loot, a fun-looking card game about pirates (although not the Somali kind). It looks like a game that will improve from fun to hilarious if rum and pirate accents are added.

From her mother, I got two books, Academ's Fury by Jim Butcher (Codex Alera book 2) and To Catch the Lightning by Catherine Asaro (Skolian Empire book 2). In both cases I read and much loved the firsts.

But the main event was what B herself gave me: The Slipstream Edition complete boxed set of Andromeda. The TV series with Kevin Sorbo as a starship captain. Which I love to pieces. All five seasons of it, in neat little slimline cases, the backs of which form a picture of the titular ship, the Andromeda Ascendant. This is basically a box of utter awesome and badass.

I totally win.
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Ladies and gentlemen, brightlyiburn  has her permit. She now has two years of residence and work permit for Sweden, and the last hurdle for us being together has been cleared away. We're through. We've done it. We WON!

Oh gods, my relief and joy know no words!

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Mad Russian

So I made pancakes

Since I'm going over to brightlyiburn and her family for Christmas, I've been shanghaied into making the Christmas breakfast pancakes. Apparently they got the impression that I can cook...

At any rate, I tested a recipe B found for me, which I had scaled to yield eight pancakes. The recipe follows (fitted to units that are in use outside the US):

Collapse )
But damn, that was some delicious pancakes!